Endurance Industry Gets Creative with the Virtual Challenge Platform from RunSignup|GiveSignup


Moorestown, NJ – RunSignup|GiveSignup released their Virtual Challenge Platform in Spring 2020 to provide event organizers and nonprofits a new way to engage with their supporters from a safe distance. Since that time, new features and the innovation of the industry have meant the launch of hundreds of Challenges and a new wave of creativity. Just like organizers once re-imagined races with live music on the race course and beer gardens at the finish line, organizations are using challenges to re-think possibilities for participant engagement.

New technology releases from RunSignup|GiveSignup have given race directors and nonprofits a toolbox to build continuous engagement with participants throughout the Challenge. Engagement features include:

  • Map Courses that allow races to participants to run (virtually) across a specific geographic area. We’ve all seen races across a state, but the ideas don’t end there – CompuScore is offering a multi-wave challenge to run the Amtrak Northeast Corridor. Train aficionados all aboard!


  • Overall Goal Tracking lets the goal (and goal-tracker) of the event be a cumulative one between all participants – like a giant team. DetermiNation brought together their supporters to cross the country on foot more than 3 times with their DNation Runs the Country Challenge.


  • Elevation Tracking to allow challenges to produce results based on elevation gain rather than distance travelled. The best events don’t keep this as an abstract concept – the Conquer Everest Elevation Challenge encourages participants to bike, hike, or run the uphill equivalent of the world’s most famous mountain.

  • Milestones and Badges give organizers the opportunity to setup intermediate goals on the way to the final achievement – complete with digital rewards in the form of custom badges that appear with progress. Most races use a percent of the total distance or regular intervals of miles, but Fleet Feet Poughkeepsie took a totally different tactic with a truly fun Fall in Love With Running Challenge with 50 custom tasks (milestones) like “pet a cat on your run” – complete with delightful badges for each task.

The latest release to the RunSignup|GiveSignup Challenge Platform includes milestone notifications – emails that can be sent automatically when a milestone is achieved. Savvy challenge organizers will be able to use the notifications both as rewards and as a messaging tool to keep the participants engaged throughout the duration of the Challenge.

Bob Bickel, Founder of RunSignup and GiveSignup, said, “We see challenges as a part of the endurance community for years to come, even after in-person events resume. The creativity and innovation of the challenges that we are seeing is a testament to the industry, and we believe their challenges are more than just a bridge for home-bound previous participants, but rather, a tool to expand and grow the endurance industry.”

To learn more about the Challenge Platform, visit: https://runsignup.com/challengeplatform.

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