Sharing the Joy


New Running USA member offers affordable, accessible software that makes it easy to produce finish line or race day videos for your participants


Jordan Graham is a Colorado software developer with a huge heart. And his latest product is a great way for running events to show love for their participants – while adding value to their event.

A new Running USA member, Graham’s company is an affordable, accessible way for any event, timer or photographer to easily produce race videos. All you need is a GoPro or other digital video camera capturing footage at the finish line and accurate timing results.

“Athletes love reliving the joy of that emotional finish line moment, and from a branding perspective, this is a tremendous opportunity for events,” Graham said. “Race videos are very sharable and are branded with logos at the beginning and end of the video. Those logos could include the race’s own logo or those of sponsors or partners.  It’s a terrific reminder to the participant – and all of their social media connections – that this was a great experience that they might want to repeat next year.” has its roots in the triathlon space. A decade ago, Graham, a triathlete who has completed two IRONMAN races, was trying to watch a friend finish the IRONMAN World Championship race in Kona by streaming the race online – but stepped away from the computer and missed his friend crossing the line.

“I thought to myself that I wished I could see her highlight video, but nobody was making those for amateur triathletes at the time,” he recalled. The desire to capture such a momentous accomplishment wasn’t unusual, and long story short, Graham’s company ended up working for IRONMAN through its official photographer FinisherPix, to create more than 50,000 triathlon and marathon participant videos.

“The more time I spent in the endurance space, I realized wanted to create affordable technology that would make it possible for races to give away these videos to their athletes as a thank you for participating and a celebration of that amazing finish line moment,” Graham said. “This set of tools really democratizes the process of making race videos.”

With, race videos are given to athletes for free.

“Athletes are so used to paying and paying for everything, and that cost detracts from their connection with the event.” Graham said. “This is a cool way for them to reconnect with that wonderful moment that they had at your event. It delivers value to companies and joy to people.”

To get started on, an event organizer or photographer would need:

  • A camera capturing each runner as they cross the finish line. Someone on your team starts the camera before the first athlete passes and turns it off after the last finisher. Cameras could also be set up at other timing mat locations, if desired.
  • Accurate timing results that will be paired with the camera footage to locate each participant as they finish the race.
  • Access to the platform. Graham says that retail pricing for an event with a single finish line camera is $250. His intent was to keep the price as reasonable as possible. “A race director once told me with all the big checks they write in producing an event, this product is so cool for athletes and so affordable that they would write the check without thinking twice,” he said.

In addition to events, is attractive to timers or race photographers that might want to expand their offerings for clients.

“Increasingly, we’re seeing timing and photography companies make this part of their core offering to a race director. For timers and photographers that work on smaller races, this platform offers a way to make finish line videos easily and professionally.” is built with a feature that allows each athlete’s video to be linked to their own proofs page on the race photographer’s site – another example of the company’s dedication to providing value.

To see an example of one of the videos produced, watch this demo from the ITU World Triathlon in Hamburg. For more information about, visit their website. To learn more, contact Jordan Graham.