Rudy Novotny to Announce The 2019 Williams Route 66 Marathon 


The Williams Route 66 Marathon today announced that premier race announcer and runner Rudy Novotny, known as the “Voice of America’s Marathons,” has agreed to announce the 2019 races on marathon weekend. Novotny will be working in tandem with Route 66 veteran Mark Bravo.

Novotny comes by his moniker honestly. A seasoned runner himself (and sub 3-hour marathoner at that), he ended up announcing his first race by accident more than 20 years ago. After that serendipitous beginning, Novotny spent many years working with the sports host team at DisneyWorld for many years on all the annual runDisney events. Through those events and many other race he’s announced over the past two decades, Novotny has become one of the best-known voices in running.

In fact, Novotny travels for announcing gigs nearly every weekend of the year, so he doesn’t get to run races very often. Still, he remains an avid runner, logging 40-50 miles per week in between race commitments. His experience on both sides of the course is what he uses to help calm the nerves of anxious novices and to pump up elite athletes at the starting and finish lines. Novotny believes in staying until every participant has crossed the line because he believes every runner’s individual accomplishment of finishing is worthy of celebration. “There is no way I would ever leave an event before the final runner came in,” he said. “Over 1,200 races to date and I never have and never will leave my perch before the final participant has been honored.”