Endurance medicine conference to be held in conjunction with the 2019 Marine Corps Marathon

Educational lectures and skill enhancing workshops will prepare race medical volunteers.
Washington, DC, August 29, 2019 -The International Institute for Race Medicine (IIRM) and theInternational Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) formed a partnership in January 2019 to collaborate on enhancing the safety of participants in mass participation endurance events. To achieve this goal, the two organizations have jointly developed worldwide training courses and seminars for medical directors and event health care professionals who provide frontline care to race participants.
On October 26th, the IIRM and IAAF will bring their educational efforts to the DMV area
in a partnership with MedStar Sports Medicine and the Marathon Corps Marathon. The one-day IIRM-IAAF 2019 Endurance Medicine Conference Series: Washington, DC will take place on October 26th at the MedStar Washington Hospital Center, 110 Irving Street, NW.
Conference participants will work as teams to learn how to effectively diagnose and treat life-threatening exercise-associated conditions such as hyperthermia and hyponatremia. They will also learn how to use wet bulb globe temperature readings, analyze EKG readings taken in the medical tent, use ultrasound to diagnose lower extremity injuries, evaluate the runner experiencing low back pain, and analyze gait patterns which may contribute to injury.
The conference will also launch the newly revised Marine Corps Marathon "Algorithms for Assessment and Management of Race Medical Care." These protocols have been under the process of review since April 2019 when close to 20 experts in the field of running medicine convened in Bethesda, MD, to discuss revisions to elicit more efficient and effective care.
Among the algorithms to be presented by COL(R) Francis G. O'Connor, MD, MPH, the IIRM-IAAF conference director, are:

  • managing the collapsed athlete
  • chest pain
  • emergency cardiac care
  • exercise-associated heat stroke
  • exercise-associated cramping
  • exercise-associated hyponatremia
  • hypoglycemia
Didactic lectures leading up to the workshops and algorithm discussion will focus on topics of general sports medicine interest including stress fractures of the lumbar spine with Stanley Herring, MD, Seattle Seahawks team physician; distance running and heart health with fellowship-trained sports cardiologist Ankit Shah, MD; and movement retraining with rehabilitation expert Bryan Heidercheit, PT, PhD.
Marine Corps Marathon Medical Coordinator Michele Weinstein, PT, MS, SCS, ATC will also
review medical tent set-up and procedures, as well outline tips for triage and tracking of athletes.
To view the agenda in its entirety, go to racemedicine.org and click on Medical Meetings.