Customer Service Best (and Worst) Practices: Running USA / imATHLETE Data Insight Series Webinar No. 8


The next installment in the Running USA / imATHLETE Data Insight webinar series is November 21. Learn how to REALLY be the best at Customer Service


(Nov. 11, 2019) – Running USA and imATHLETE are pleased to announce that Data Insight Series webinar #8 has been set for Thursday, Nov. 21 at 11am PST. (If you’re in a hurry, just stop reading and sign up right here.)

The fun, informative and stomach-butterfly-inducing Data Insight Series webinars focus on key data points and best practices about the endurance business.  Within each presentation, presenter Jeff Matlow gives you actionable insights to help solve business challenges and promote the growth of your business.

Matlow is imATHLETE’s CEO, endurance industry expert and marketing maven, as well as the current president of Running USA’s Board of Directors. Each Data Insight Series features not only data and insight, but humor, analysis backed by analytics, and useful takeaways for the endurance business. Oh, and sometimes there’s even a magic trick or two.

The eighth DIS webinar will focus on customer service, something a lot of companies talk a big game about but don’t always follow through. Find out how to do better and truly stand out on Nov. 21.

“Almost every event organizer I speak with says that they are the best at Customer Service,” says Matlow. “They aren’t.  I’ll share some secrets and examples of what it takes to really be the best.”

The first DIS webinar focused on data and best practices around runner retention, setting the standard for what is expected. The second DIS webinar focused on how far runners will travel to participate in different distances of events. In DIS No. 3, Matlow revealed when runners will register based on how far they travel to an event. DIS No. 4 tackled discount code best practices and insights. DIS No. 5 educated attendees on comp code best practices. DIS No. 6 was all about the ways to create a successful Ambassador Program. DIS No. 7 covered pricing strategy best practices.

Anyone interested can get up to speed by accessing the recordings of past DIS presentations at


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