BibBoards Offers Costco-style Discount for Running USA Members


Harness the power of collective buying to save big on your next BibBoards purchase

Running USA members can now save on bulk purchases of BibBoards with a new exclusive discount, no strings attached.

BibBoards, creator of shirt-saving fastening technology, now offers "group buying power" to Running USA members only. “When we buy together we save together,” says Brian Goodell, co-founder of BibBoards. How does it work? When you place an order BibBoards automatically will bulk your order together with other Running USA members so you get the bulk discounts. 

For those unfamiliar with the product, BibBoards are a patented race bib fastener system made of recyclable material that’s designed to protect athletic apparel and make safety pins obsolete.

BibBoards have caught on big with runners, who use them to express personality and protect expensive athletic apparel. You can read more about the product in their recent Vendor Profile from Running USA.

For races that would like to be greener and make the switch away from safety pins to a recyclable bib fastening solution, the collective buying power option is a great way to save on BibBoards.

“You can save up to 40% off of industry pricing and better yet, because you are a Running USA member, you get free shipping to anywhere in the USA,” says Goodell.

Find out more about BibBoards at their website and reach out to to take advantage of this discount and get your event on board.