Account Planner at BibRave


Company: BibRave
Contact: Tim Murphy 
Position: Account Planner
Location: Portland, OR (flexible)



Job Overview

We’re looking for someone to join our team and help support our rapidly expanding business. The ideal candidate will be actively involved in multiple projects ­ from assisting with community management, organizing and executing client projects and programs for brands and races, backing up account leads in developing new business, and more. We’re a team of passionate, energetic professionals and athletes, looking for someone who is highly driven, very organized, obsessed with quality work and being a team player, and who’s excited to work for an innovative and growing endurance industry start­up!

Competitive applicants will have a strong background in project management, social media (could include managing and optimizing paid campaigns, managing several organic handles, guiding social strategy), digital marketing, brand building, analytics, and/or proven success managing communities. We’re a small team with exciting ambitions, so each team member has to be a committed A­-player. Attention to detail and pride of ownership is extremely important.

Yes, all job descriptions say this be we really, really mean it. This person may also play an active role in expanding BibRave’s social media presence and our community of avid runners, races, and running brands.

As stated above, competitive candidates must be a proven team player ­ someone with high energy who can work within a group to meet a broader objective while also being able to motivate and delegate where needed. Intimate knowledge of the running/racing/multisport landscape is critical, as is the ability to take initiative in proposing new ideas and seeing them through to fruition. We aren’t looking for people to JUST follow directions, but also to anticipate future needs and opportunities without being specifically instructed. Outstanding performance can absolutely lead to growth opportunities.

Last, but not least, competitive applicants will be smart. “Smart” can mean a lot of things, but mainly we mean that you’ll exercise sound judgement, approach and solve problems thoughtfully and analytically, be able to “read a room” and adjust written and spoken communications accordingly, and generally demonstrate acutely tuned sensibilities. This one’s harder to measure and explain, but it’s extremely important.

Graphic design experience is also a plus.


Key Responsibilities

  • Lead production and project management for key BibRave projects ­ projects may vary but may include production duties for The BibRave Podcast, newsletter creation, client project timelines, client recaps, proposal creation, etc.
  • Manage multiple projects, campaigns, and timelines at once, with an ability to prioritize based on broader business needs and objectives.
  • Potential to manage other white­label ambassador programs/communities on a daily basis, coordinating communication from the clients through the BibRave team, and ultimately to the ambassadors
  • Assist with creation of social media strategy and marketing campaigns for BibRave and BibRave partners, with potential to lead some strategy and marketing campaigns from concept to execution
  • Assist with utilizing social listening/monitoring tools to generate insights and summarize findings to create client­facing deliverables, with potential to lead select projects



  • Wide variety of social media expertise, including blogging, social bookmarking/performance tracking, engagement, emerging platforms, etc. This includes fluency across multiple networks, understanding each platforms functionality, voice, purpose, etc.
  • Ability to write creatively and in a business setting. Creative writing must demonstrate personality and savviness while maintaining correct intent, accurate grammar on social, blog, etc. Business writing includes clearly communicating across all platforms ­ email, IM, presentations, in ­person, video conference, and the good ol’ telephone. We’re not just saying this ­ clear, succinct, and accurate communication is absolutely critical to this role and success within the organization
  • Comprehension of large group dynamics ­ able to motivate with clear direction AND constructive feedback, all while maintaining high standards and high morale
  • Organization, accountability, and attention to detail (again, not just saying this). AP will need to coordinate multiple projects involving hundreds of bloggers, products, and several clients simultaneously ­ all while adhering to very strict timelines. We’re talking air traffic control­level shit here =D
  • Ability to be a leader and take initiative ­ identifying problems (or opportunities), creating solutions/plans, sharing and presenting said plan to a team, overcoming obstacles, and executing to completion
  • Self-­motivated – can set and meet deadlines, prioritize tasks, and work with minimal direction. Ability to communicate proactively throughout the organization and community



  • 2-­5 years of experience either marketing, managing social media platforms for companies or brands, building and overseeing ambassador/influencer groups, or as a producer/project manager/administrative assistant
  • Passionate about endurance sports, new social trends, and growing a business
  • The ability to handle stressful situations and challenging personalities with equanimity
  • Ability to travel and work flexible hours as needed, occasionally attending industry conferences or live events


  • Flexibility of hours, location, and the freedom to work from home and/or remotely
  • Experience in a rapidly growing industry (running/endurance) and a highly sought­after skill set (social media/digital strategy and community building/influencer marketing)
  • Highly engaged professional development from BibRave leadership
  • Being part of a growing company with wide­ranging ambitions and the ability to direct your own course of development
  • Occasional access to free running gear and or events/races
  • BibRave swag!
  • A super fun team that loves travel, food, tech, ice cream, coffee, beer, and of course running! =)

 Interested parties should email their resume to

About BibRave

BibRave works with races and brands to help them engage with runners and ultimately drive more sales and registrations. Through our large network of running bloggers, BibRave Pros, and our popular Twitter event, #BibChat, we help endurance brands and races go beyond simple advertising and truly connect with more runners.

The company’s consumer facing­product is a race review site where runners can learn about a race before signing up, and leave feedback after the event. BibRave launched in late 2013 and is headquartered in Portland, Oregon.